Green Hotels Global is the only online source for standardized environmental performance metrics on hotels worldwide. 

The Green Hotels Global system is integrated into the StarCite and Lanyon hotel sourcing platforms, and is required by many Fortune 500 travel buyers as part of their environmental selection criteria.

Hotel properties that are members of the Green Hotels Global program are differentiated to Travel Managers and Meeting Planners for their ability to accurately track and report the carbon footprint, energy consumption, water usage and waste generation associated with room-night usage and event bookings.  The program is focused on transparency, disclosure and auditability. 

The Green Hotels Global system provides each property with a Dashboard that tracks the quantitative and qualitative environmental sustainability results.


3 Responses to About

  1. Frank Schnur says:

    The Green Hotels Global tool is also designed to satisfy the soon to be released ASTM/APEX Green Meetings Standards!

  2. Danielle Adams says:

    I have not used the tool and I’ve heard it is a good program. Personally, I would not claim that any one system will actually “Satisfy” the ASTM/APEX Green Meetings Standards. I think in tandem with other practices it may be of great value.

  3. Frank Schnur says:

    You are right Danielle, I should have said that the tool will “help hotels satisfy” the standards.

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